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Marketing and advertising budget dollars are continuing to move from print and other traditional media to online.  And the social web is becoming the mainstream web.  

Read Lee J. Colan's advice in Dallas Business Journal: Play the full table here.

"Don't necessarily abandon proven strategies, but try putting a new spin on your shot by exploiting a new niche or leveraging an under-used marketing channel. Increase your exposure in the marketplace and improve your customer service vs. cutting back on both. While everyone is playing in the safe zone, explore cost-effective ways to play more aggressively."

We offer a variety of advertising and marketing opportunities, from sponsored banners, pages, eBuzzNewsletter custom edition, to fully integrated strategic partnerships.

We offer different packages for overall media coverage for your events:

In partnership with our public relations firm, Adams Communications Public Relations, we will work with your organization, business, volunteer chairs and in-house marketing team to strategize a complete media plan for your event, including pre-parties.

A complete package includes working from start to finish:
* Developing and sending press releases to all media;
* Photography/IDs
* Submit photos to media;
* Publication on
* Track media hits;
* Prepare a PR notebook for your files

Single event package:
* Photography/IDs;
* Submit photos to media;
* Publication on;
* Track media hits;
* Prepare a PR notebook for your files

When you want your special event presented to all media or published on, we can develop a customized package for you and your budget. Contact us for rates. See announcement below.
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Shedding New Light on Your Public Relations Strategies and Objectives

Representing a wide variety of clientele, Adams Communications Public Relations is a boutique PR firm specializing in personal service with a niche expertise in non-profit organization and business special events. We also publish, home of the award-winning eBuzzNewsletter.

We will advise, manage and assist in areas such as:
* Developing and implementing public relations strategies for businesses, non profit organizations and individuals;
* Media and community relations in special event publicity, including social media;
* Internet publicity and consultation for businesses and non-profit organizations.
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Listed below are Ad Placements and Rate Card. Click on these links to see:

1. Home Page Ad Placements.

2. Feature Pages Ad Placements. There are 9 Feature Pages.

3 . eBuzzNewsletter.
Emailed once a week. Published on for two weeks. Linked from Facebook (SharonAdamsPR) and (AdamsCommunicationsPR) and Twitter (AdamsPR).

4. Membership in has many benefits. Click here for details.

The Rate Card below is for . Click here for eBuzzNewsletter.
Last updated June 2013.

For information on ads and publication, contact Sharon Adams,
All payments are secure online via PayPal.

Banner and Button Ads

Cost/Value and Term

Where Ad Appears

Banner Ad: Top of the Page

$600 per month.
728 x 90 pixels tall

SocialWhirl Home page and all 9 Feature Pages. Listing in The List.

Big Button:
Right Column
$300 per month. SocialWhirl Home page and all 9 Feature Pages. Listing in The List.

Big Button:
Bottom of the Page

$200 per month.
300 x 250 pixels tall.

SocialWhirl Home page and all 9 Feature Pages. Listing in The List.

Feature Story:
Event photos and story

Published for up to one month. Up to 150 words and one image included. If you have Party Pics, up to 4 images included. Links to your website, press
release .pdf. Placement is first come - first served, starting at the top of the column each week.

Where Story Appears:
One Feature Page on SocialWhirl. You choose the page. Includes announcement in first week's eBuzzNewetter.

Feature Story



The List:
Add Your Business or Charity/Non-Profit Listing to

Image and up to 100 words describing your business. Links to your website, contact email, publicize 3 press releases. See benefits below.

Cost/Value and Term

Where Ad Appears



The List page.

Charity/Non-Profit $200/year. The List page.
* Announcement and publication of up to 3 .pdfs at any time during the year. (i.e. press release with images, sponsorship forms, event invitation, etc. 5 MB limit each .pdf.)
* Each time a .pdf is published, it is announced on that week's eBuzzNewsletter and on Home Page.
* One Big Button (350x250) ad on Feature Page of your choice for one month. You supply ad and choose the month.

Upcoming Events Ad:

Cost/Value and Term

Where Ad Appears

Photo or invitation cover on Home Page under "Upcoming Events" links to your website with a brief description.

Photo:200 x 150 pixels tall.

$100.00 a month.

Ads appear in chronological order on's Home Page and a one-time placement in eBuzzNewsletter

Party Pics Packages:

Cost/Value and Term

Where Photo Appears

Spotlight Package
Publish your press release, up to 15 photos.

$300 Business and Non Profit for at least one year.

Photo on Party Pics page,
Announcement and photo on Dallas Scene and Be Seen and eBuzzNewsletter. Listing in The List.

Party Pics page we create for you on with your photos, press release, and link to your website.

Gala Marquis Party Pics Package:
Up to 3 related events or 1 major event. 50 photos: For example, 10 from kick off, 10 from sponsor party; 30 from gala

$1,000 for at least one year. If your organization has a Party Pics sponsor, we'll include their ad on the page at no extra cost.

Photo on Party Pics page.
Announcement and photo on Dallas Scene and Be Seen and eBuzzNewsletter.

Party Pics page we create for you on with your photos, press release and link to your website. Listing in The List.

Sponsorships Value Published

We invite VIP members and friends to your party.

This is a wonderful way to bring our high profile clientele into your shop, restaurant, club, etc. You provide all features. Event benefits your favorite non profit or we choose a non profit, invite their board, members, etc. There is no charge for entry. You provide an item for a raffle and the sales from the raffle tickets benefit the non profit.

We take Party Pics, publish on We can also strategize a complete media plan, including press releases, party pics, etc. Contact us for details. is an
Internet Publicity Sponsor for your gala or special event.

$5,000 Sponsorship value – no discounts - plus the value of the Party Pics package you choose and other extras. The value of a sponsorship is not discounted because the high profile clientele, page views, monthly hits, etc. are worth it to your organization.

This is the best sponsorship package, with a wide range of visibility and benefits. Photos appear on appropriate Party Pics page, Dallas Scene and Be Seen, eBuzzNewsletter, our blog, etc. Plus benefits from your organization. Contact us for details.

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Stats is a social lifestyles website reporting on community and business leaders who support non-profit organizations, their lifestyles, fashions, parties and special events. These generous philanthropists use their resources to partner with non-profit organizations and charities to support the non-profits' missions, raise awareness, create visibility and raise the dollars that are the lifeline of support to those organizations, including private and corporate support - from individuals, worldwide companies and local concerns - each one supports the other. On this web site, you will find direct links to press releases, feature stories, event news, party pics and more. Thank you for visiting. Come back often!
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